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We DiG - Gypsy Girls

Hundreds of years ago there was a Gypsy Traveler who met a pretty lady. He took her on a few dates and they fell madly in love. They wanted to marry but their families didn’t dig it and tried to stop the wedding. Luckily for me it didn’t end in a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tragedy and they ran away together to live happily ever after.

Had they not I wouldn’t be here to tell you the tale. So - the moral of my story is that there is a ‘Gypsy Girl’ in me and its one of the biggest trends following on from last summer. I can’t wait to wear my flower head band and thought I would tell you a quick and easy way to make one for yourself.

All you need is… 

Jewelry making pliers and cutters, Floral Wire, Stem Tape (wax filled is best), and Fake flowers of your choice (try using different sizes to add variety)

  1. Measure the wire around your head loosely, and then add an extra couple of inches.  Double its length and fold it in half, and twist the two lengths around each other to ensure they stay together.  Then bend the ends to form a curved end.
  2. Bring the two ends together to form a circle and then join them together.  Use the stem tape to secure the ends.
  3. Prepare your flowers by either cutting them off individually or cutting them off in small sections. Make sure you leave some of the excess stem so you have a spot for the tape to attach to the wire! Do the same with the leaves.
  4. Using the same technique, affix the flowers and leaves onto the wire by wrapping the ends with tape.
  5. After you add a couple flowers, this is what your headdress will look like. You can choose to keep it simple with one or two blooms, or go the whole way with a full gypsy flower garland! 

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